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With over 30 years of experience, Mia Mind Music provides label services for both signed and unsigned artists as well as record companies. We are able to promote your music to radio stations, press and internet media, increase the audience for your Youtube video, set up online advertising campaigns, design artwork for your projects, get your music ready for radio, put together your electronic press kit and tour merchandise, promote your work on Spotify, help you find licensing opportunities and manage your social media presence. You'll reach a wider audience and have your music heard. We can help you. See below a full list of our services.

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Our radio promotion service is able to target over 2000 surveyed radio stations (BDS, MediaBase, FMQB, NACC, Muzooka) across the United States and Canada with our client's music.


Our press campaigns include creating and distributing press releases, obtaining features, reviews or articles about our clients and/or their sound recordings with our various press contacts (Magazines, Newspapers, Webzines, Blogs...) and arranging interviews.


Music streaming revenue has become the leading revenue driver for many recording artists and Spotify currently leads this market. There are over 2 billion play lists on Spotify, they are the biggest drivers of song engagement on the platform. We will guide you through the process of creating a "verified" Spotify Artist profile and connecting this profile with your social media network to build a following. We'll also assist you in submitting your music to various play lists curators.


We offer various Internet advertising options that yield tangible results at cost effective prices. Advertise your music, social media pages, music video or shows on Youtube, Rolling Stone, MTV, Facebook and other major music web sites. We will set up the account(s) for you, design the ads and provide weekly reports. These advertising campaigns are run in conjunction with our affiliates at Reverbnation, Facebook, Google and Youtube.


YouTube is the number one search engine for music. Because of this, many musicians have turned to video to promote themselves and their work. Plus, videos on YouTube are an income stream for musician thanks to ad revenue share - especially when there's a lot of views. You will post your video on dozens of additional tastemaker video sites across the Internet. This, along with providing you with improved keywords, suggested viewer call-to-action-links and information, will enhance your overall viewer numbers on YouTube.


Video Campaign include tracking and promoting your music video to terrestrial (such as TV networks) broadcasters to obtain maximum exposure for the Artist and their video.


Music licensing is the process of placing music with visual creative projects, such as soundtracks (film, video, digital), television programs, and advertising campaigns. It's a viable way to get your music heard by a larger audience and with potentially lucrative compensation. We will create a minimum of two dozen accounts through which your music will be submitted to various companies and organizations that specialize in music licensing and are non-exclusive in regard to its placement restrictions.


We offer graphic design services to create cover artwork for your audio recordings, either for packaging purposes (CDs/Vinyl/DVDs) or for online use only. If requested we can also provide assistance with finding the right disc duplication, printing and packaging service for your needs.


Includes setting-up, designing and manufacturing of posters, stickers, T-shirts, hats or other items with a client's imprinted name, image or logo on the item.


Designed to keep your social media presence always active and updated while keeping your audience engaged, interested and well informed about any events or news concerning your musical career and project(s).


We are able to offer national brick & mortar retail distribution (your CDs will be available on store shelves) for your recordings through our associate, Select-O-Hits Distribution, one of the three largest independent record distributors in the USA. In addition, we are able to distribute your music to digital retailers worldwide.


The normal length for songs played on the radio is 3 to 4 minutes. Songs also need to be free of profane and obscene content. We can edit your songs in order to make them more commercially viable for the radio stations.


Additional services to supplement any of the above-described services. For example, graphic design of CD artwork, physical retail one-sheet set-up & design, Gracenotes CD data input, Internet banners creation, posters, ads or postcards, digital audio file conversion as well as web site or Social Media page design and update(s).


Setup and design of web sites, site updates, tracking and promoting sites, and other multi-media services.

If you need help to cover the cost of recording, promoting and marketing your music, Kickstarter may be the answer, and we can even assist in putting your KICKSTARTER project together!

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